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Sin is something we are all guilty of.  Myself, you, pastors - everyone.  Sin will not be able to enter God's Kingdom. 


The Bible speaks about sin.  God is not up there as a dictator waiting to zap someone who sins.  The Bible is our guide.  He knows that when we sin, the enemy is waiting right there to accuse us and condemn us.  Has anyone ever sinned and had a consequence from it?  Has anyone sinned and all of the sudden there are finger-pointers around them waiting to accuse.  Sin is from the enemy and sinning only gives him more ammunition.  God knows that and doesn't want us to do it so we won't fall prey to the enemy.  It is out of love that he doesn't want us to sin - not to use it against us!  What a freedom it is to choose not to sin.  No consequences, no accusers, no finger-pointers.  I hope that makes sense.


What do all humans crave?  Answer:  love.  God created us for relationship - he has the love we crave.  It is kind of like we are an electrical cord and he is the outlet.  Once we plug it in to the outlet, we are plugged in to that love.  There is nothing like it on earth.  The filling of the Holy Spirit is unlike anything else.


God knew we were going to sin, and sin is not allowed in Heaven.  But he loves us so much and wants us there.  He sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to be the ultimate and only sacrifice for our sins.  Can any parent imagine a greater act of love than sending their child to be a sacrifice, and then the child willingly saying yes to it just so we can be saved from our sins?  Think about that.


John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life."  You can be forgiven of your sins, once and for all.  Call on Jesus.  Tell him you want to be saved from your sins, ask him into your heart and receive his free gift of salvation.  Believe and trust he will do it.  Believe and trust that it is done.  Receive the Holy Spirit and let God do a good work in you.  Purchase a Bible and start reading it. 


I remember being in my 20's and talking to another friend of mine.  We started talking about God, getting saved, etc.  We said to each other, "but, we are having so much fun, going out, partying."  We didn't know if we wanted to give it all up.  We both came to Christ, but we found that we didn't give up anything!!!!  We gained!!  Once saved, we simply lost the desire to go to the clubs.  There was no burden of turning from sin, no burden of giving up anything, and therefore we did not miss anything.  Jesus simply took it upon himself.  I actually experienced a freedom I have never felt.  God does the work if you just let him.  You will find a love greater than anything you ever imagined.  He will send you the Holy Sprit to live in you.  He will protect you, guide you, comfort you, teach you, and give you His power.

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