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It Costs you Nothing to Use a Buyer's Agent

The seller pays the commission to the selling agents.  This was adopted to protect buyer's interests and eliminate the old "let the buyer beware".  UNLESS, paragraph 4 below......

Buyer Acknowledgement Letter from Linda Shiro

My goal is to find you the home that best fits your needs within the parameters you've set.  I enter your criteria into the MLS computer.  When any agent in the Richmond area enters a house matching your parameters, I will be immediately notified.  Also, I network with agents for additional homes that are about to hit the market.  This first-hand information provides you a look at homes that sell before most buyers are aware they are available.  I can find you the best home - faster.  This will save you valuable time and effort.

Having a Buyer's Agent allows you to look for your home and enjoy waiting to move in while I take on all the burdens for you. 

In order to make the home buying process as pleasant and as smooth as possible, the Purchaser should: 

  1. Be preapproved for a mortgage.  This only takes a short amount of time, filling out a formal loan application and credit verification with a lender.  I can recommend lenders if you need one.
  2. Purchaser understands that Linda Shiro can show you any properties that are on the market in any area, especially homes being sold directly by owners.  Most for-sale-by-owners will work with real estate agents.
  3. Advise all parties:  (other real estate agents and sellers that you are working with Linda Shiro of Twin Valley Homes, LLC) in finding a home.
  4. Contact Linda Shiro when inquiring about a particular piece of property, not the seller or the listing agent.  Remember the listing agent represents the seller and their best interests.  If you look at a home without your agent, you may have to purchase that home with that listing agent - forfeiting your buyer representation in that purchase.
  5. Once you've found and negoiated a contract for your new home, I will be contacting you from time to time, following up on paperwork details.  I act as a "runner".  I run all documents, contracts, and addendums that have been signed or need to be signed throughout the process to you for signature and take them to their destinations (office of other agent involved, attorneys, loan officer).  This is an important task, as these documents have particular deadlines on them that must be met to insure they are valid and part of the transaction.  This saves the buyer from having to run all over town and eliminates the worry of missing a deadline, etc.
  6. I strongly recommend a complete whole house inspection on all resale purchases.  I am happy to provide you with names of inspection companies that I have used in the past.  However, you may choose anyone you like - the Yellow Pages are a good source.
  7. In order to facilitate a smooth transaction, I can recommend attorneys who specialize in real estate to handle your closing.

As your agent, I work for you communicating what you want/need, negotiate it for you, and oversee the entire process.  I am available at all times throughout the process should there be any questions, or concerns.  You will find that all you have to do is find the house you want to live in, and I do the rest.


Look forward to working with you!


Linda Shiro

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